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We are ARMPRO – an engineering office for structural design

ARMPRO engineering office was founded in 2012. Our team consists of highly motivated civil engineers with over 15 years of experience. Numerous projects for residential and industrial constructions (one part of these projects were assembly facilities and prestressed concrete structures) have contributed to the six successful years of our business.

In the last 6 years, we have focused on the reinforced concrete as well as on the formwork and reinforcement plans for the German market.

We have participated in the 30 large and medium projects for the German market and we would like to point out that all formwork and reinforcement plans are created according to Eurocode. Our team creates the plans in German, English or Serbian.

Professionalism, observance of deadlines and above all the accuracy of delivered projects are of great importance for our team. We can communicate in German or English, as you prefer. The reinforcement plans are created in Augustus Vision (expert level), ARMCAD (expert level) and Sofistic (initial level).

Our office is in Belgrade, Serbia. At this moment 5 civil engineers are employed in our office. But in case that volume of work increases, we also have the opportunity to hire additional engineers.



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